The Guy Ranch Prospect

Lease: Completed

Southwestern Permian EP has acquired a 430-acre oil and gas lease located in the southern part of Shackelford, Texas, known as the Guy Ranch. 

The principal targets for this drilling prospect is the Patio (aka Palo Pinto Sand) and Morris Sands.  This area is also known to be very productive from at least three other formations on the Guy Ranch acreage.

The 20-acre drilling unit is out of the 430-acre Guy Ranch Lease, which is located approximately 15 miles northeast of the city of Abilene, Texas known as the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin.  It is influenced by the Bend Arch to the East and the South as it approaches the Llano Uplift.  This area is best known for the multiple producing formations that are stratigraphically and structurally used for trapping oil and gas.  


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Summary of the GUY RANCH Prospect:

Production has been discovered on the Guy Ranch Acreage.

Excellent well control provides excellent source for preparing contour maps.

High yield potential of oil & gas production.

Acreage is on a surface high as noted by the presence of 32 wind turbines.

Excellent infrastructure with county roads, lease roads, access to natural gas pipeline and access to electricity for the wells.


The 160 acre lease is located approximately 6 miles southeast of the city of Stamford, Texas that basically sits on the county line of Jones and Haskell counties, on the north side of Jones County. The Olson Lease lies approximately 1.5 miles southeast of the  Strand Oil Field, a Palo Pinto Reef Oil Field.

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the geology

The A T and H Oil Company #2 Davis well (north offset) was perforated in the Patio Sand (3158-61') and flowed 140 BOPD.  This well produced 26,286 barrels oil and 60 MMCF gas before the Railroad Commission of Texas forced the well to be plugged because of too many violations. This well was still producing approximately 12 barrels oil per day when plugged.  This well also has nine feet of Morris Sand that calculates productive with the closest well (3300' SE) making 1.4 BCF gas from the Morris Sand.

Excellent well control in the immediate area provides key information for the preparation of a contour map of the Morris Sand and the Base of the Black Shale (an excellent marker for the Patio Sand Formation).  Note the drilling location is well situated within the mapped contours of the Morris and Patio formations on the plats included with this report.

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The principle targets of interest for this report are the Patio (aka Palo Pinto Sand), Morris and Gardner Sands on the Guy Ranch Lease. This drilling location is a direct offset in between two previous producing wells and has three different producing pay zones.  The pay zones include the Patio Sand, Morris Sand, and the Gardner sand. These three pay ones are all prominent producers in the immediate area.  The Patio Sand is the main producer to the west and generally averages between 25,000 and 75,000 barrels oil per well.  The Morris Sand produces gas in most wells and is known to produce up to 1.4 BCF gas from one well. 

The productive formations that will be evaluated during the drilling of the Guy Ranch #1 are listed below:

·       Flippen Sand - 1,600’

·       Cook Sand - 1,750’

·       Patio Sand- 3,100’

·       Morris Sand- 3,400’

·      Gardner Sand - 3,900’