The Move to East Texas

I lost my first wife, Elizabeth Blanchard Webb, to breast cancer in April 2001.  We were almost married 27 years.  She was a very talented woman being especially noted for her singing and teaching children with learning challenges.    We raised two children, a daughter Treva and a son Bode.  Both of them now have their own families of which I am very proud.

In February 2004 I married Nona Jackson and moved to Quitman a small town in East Texas, north of Tyler about 40 miles.  Living in Quitman proved to be quiet different than living in Cisco.  First no one knew me as everyone knew me in Cisco and second everything grows in East Texas as it has about twice the rainfall as the Abilene area.  In Cisco you could plant a flower bed and fight to keep it alive where here in Quitman, just basically stick it in the ground and it grows.  However, there are some issues here in East Texas, bugs, black spot & mold that you have to deal with to keep your plants healthy.

From about the last week of March until the last week of June you had plan on mowing at least twice a week.  We live just outside of town on 12 acres of which about half is mowed and trimmed.  Along the west side of our driveway is a row of crepe myrtles separating the orchard of pecan, fruit and live oak trees.

I learned the true meaning of humidity living in East Texas.  Visiting with some of the local men I would inquire how long it took to get use to the humidity here and the most popular response was “you don’t” .



Ivan Webb is known in the Petrol industry as a self-starting change initiator motivated by fresh ideas. His first oil deal dates back to the days of the LBJ Presidency; when Willie Mays and Hank Aaron were still active baseball players. Since then, Ivan Webb has lived through countless swings in the price of oil and gas as well as numerous advancements in oil extraction technology.

IN the past 10 years, he has helped drill 30 wells, including 7 of our own, which were producing on our own behalf.

From the 70’s to the 90’s, he was instrumental in leasing oil and gas concessions in Australia, Guyana and Turkey before narrowing his efforts into producing wells in the Central Texas region. One of areas of expertise has been in finding existing wells in that region. These are wells that may have shut down as they hit their production limit in years past but can be re-completed and reworked to a far greater capacity using the tools of today.

Ivan is currently managing Northern Minerals & Exploration LTD, a public company dedicated to growing investments in the Oil, Gals, Gold & Silver Industry as well as the Founder & President of Kathis Energy.

Ivan Webb