Mark C. Seitz

Director of Operations

Mark C. Seitz, an engineering manager for over 34 years, has experience in all facets of the petroleum industry including managing, supervising, engineering, drilling and production.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Mark has prepared, implemented, and audited Quality Assurance and Quality Control Standards, and has been recognized for upgrading HSE standards. He has vast experience in international endeavors where he developed strategies to train and utilize national staff at all levels.  Mark also speaks Spanish and Russian.

Since 2013 Mark has been with MCS Petroleum Consulting Service providing petroleum engineering and project management services for domestic and international clients.  From 2002-2013, Mark worked as Director of Operations for Tyumenskaya Neftyana Compania, TNK-BP in the Russian Federation where he reviewed and approved corporate minimum standards for drilling, workover and stimulation procedures.  He also performed field audits of well work contractors and implemented HSE worldwide standards. His work experience includes 3 years with EOG in Chengdu, China where he was Vice President of Operations.  He successfully introduced high pressure, high rate hydraulic fracturing techniques as well as

coordinated new business practices and technology in that state controlled economy.

Mark has seven years of experience with Occidental Oil and Gas Company as Chief Operations Engineer in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia.  In this position, he engineered and supervised drilling and production operations.  For this same company, Mark worked in Bakersfield, California to provide worldwide supervision for offshore and onshore drilling, testing, and completion of wells including on site supervision in remote locations offshore and onshore in different countries. 

Mark has additional years of experience in California with Arco Oil and Gas Company as a Senior Production Supervisor, with Tenneco Oil Exploration and Production as a Production Engineering Supervisor.  In Monahans, Texas, Mark was a part of Gulf Oil Exploration and Production.  Mark’s international experience in remote offshore and onshore locations and his ability to introduce new business practices and technology make him a powerful leader in the Oil and Gas industry.