Our Vision

Fifty years ago I did my first oil deal; I was a junior in high school.


Oil was around $3.18 per barrel, Johnson was President, the Dow opened that year at 908 and America, and the world were in turmoil.  Since that day I’ve been through ten presidential elections, countless swings in the price of oil and gas and watched tv go from a single black and white set in the living room with three channels that signed off at midnight to eighty inch HD screens with 300 channels 24/7.

Life has changed.

But here’s what hasn’t changed.  The men and women at Kathis Energy understand your hard earned savings and retirement dollars that you invest with us is a sacred partnership.  We get that.

We believe when oil & gas is healthy and strong the economy is healthy and strong.  As petroleum goes, so goes the country, and so goes the world.  And, we make no apologies that drilling successful wells in America, and in Texas makes our nation stronger and safer because we don’t have to depend on energy from foreign lands.

Kathis is doing our part to make America energy independent and fully employed by providing great jobs and delivering to the world petroleum that is the building block for almost every consumer good on the planet.

From the initial spudding to completed, successful wells with hydrocarbons brought to market, Kathis sees the end from the beginning.  Our vision is that everyone that is a partner with Kathis Energy, from the receptionist answering your calls to the drilling crew pushing pipe thousands of feet into the earth, we are a team that has one simple goal; to positively impact the lives, communities and globe we all call home.

Join Kathis Energy today.
Building wealth through the drill bit.


Ivan Webb

Founder & President