The Riverside Prospect

Lease: Completed

Kathis Energy LLC holds the lease on 1,000 acres with multiple drilling locations, with a max depth of approximately 4,500 feet and is located in the Permian Basin (Eastern Shelf).

The Permian Basin & Eastern Shelf has logged record production of over 29+ billion barrels of oil since 1950.

These Drilling locations are located up-dip of solid proven production and each Kathis Energy drilling prospect can range from 2-4 or more of potential producing formations.


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Summary of the riverside Prospect:

Average production per well 40-100 MBOE.

The typical well in the area comes in front loaded (flush production) for the first 1-3 years. 

The wells will be drilled on 40 acre spacing.

Each well has eight (8) possible target formations.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 2.40.35 PM.png

MULTIPLE PAY-ZONES - Targeted formations

■ Gardner Formation: sweet spot range 20-30 MBOE  

■ Dog Bend & Capps Formations: sweet spot range 45-110 MBOE

■ Capps & Fry Formations: sweet spot range 40-60 MBOE

■ Caddo Formation: sweet spot range 40-56 MBOE

■ Crosscut Formation:; sweet spot range 40-50 MBOE

■ Canyon Formation: sweet spot range 48-105 MBOE