Southwestern Permian EP Webinar

Tuesday 2-2:30 pm EST - limited spots available

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Southwestern Permian EP is an oil and gas drilling firm offering, as Managing General Partner, an investment opportunity that is very unique. Southwestern has surrounded themselves with some of the top petroleum men in the world who have drilled wells for themselves and small independents as well as Fortune 500 companies all over the globe.

Southwestern Permian EP also has a very unique approach to their prospecting. Their in-house geologists & geophysicist have identified drilling prospects in Texas that were “left behind” during low commodity price environments when it did not make economic sense to continue to produce or drill. Recovery of the oil “left behind” within these proven oil/gas fields identified and qualified by the Southwestern team are in Texas at shallow to mid-range depths. 

Southwestern Permian has positioned itself to take advantage of these low risk drilling prospects with its highly experienced team creating an opportunity for individual investors to participate through this Offering and Fund entity.